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Intro Post

Wife. Daughter. Trekkie. Writer. Bibliophile. Dreamer. Historian. Geek.

That's me in a nutshell, but I recently realized I've friended a whole ton of people since the last time I updated my introduction post, and some of you may want to know a little bit more than that. Feel free to skip if things like this bore you, but at least now you can't claim I never told you anything about me! =P

As always, please feel free to ask questions if you'd like more information!

The Journal
First of all, welcome! I'm so glad to have you all here with me! I always feel so lucky to have so many wonderful people around me, both in real life and online.

My real name is Shannon, but my online persona has been Sanalith forever, so I answer to that name just as easily. It's a combination of the words "san" and "alith" from an old fantasy book series (though I can never remember the title!) and translates to "Dark Star."

You'll find a hodgepodge of different things here. The majority of my posts will discuss work, family, and other real-life activities. You'll see lots of references to my husband Mike, my cat Artemis, and my job at Strong Museum. I also sometimes get in a meme/quiz mode and I'll post several of them in succession. I also occasionally write movie and book reviews, or just generally squee about my latest fandom obsession. I do occasionally go for a week or two at a time without updating or truly commenting, but please be assured I read entries every day and I'm definitely not purposefully ignoring anyone! On the flip side, sometimes I'll post short bursts two or three times a day.

I graduated from St. Bonaventure University in 2003 with a double BA in journalism & mass communication and history. I went there because I wanted to be a writer, and I was convinced I could not make a living writing fiction unless I somehow became Stephen King or Nora Roberts overnight. Instead, I decided I would become a writer and photographer for National Geographic Magazine. Sounds good, right? Travel the world, see new things, and write about them! That dream died a slow and fiery death when I was a sophomore and discovered that the inverted pyramid style of writing sapped my will to live. I was then convinced to turn my history minor into a double major, and despite the fact that the university's history department left much to be desired, I still fell in love.

In 2006, I graduated from SUNY Brockport with an MA in history, and my mother was kind enough not to say “I Told You So,” because she always thought I should have just gone to Brockport from the beginning and majored in history the entire time. I should have known she was right. While I sometimes lament the fact that I followed the history track and not museum studies or library science, I still ended up all right, due largely in part to the Grace of God and an amazing internship at a local museum.

After one disastrous semester of teaching general history to a bunch of bug-eyed college freshmen who hated the class as much as I hated my one math and science courses *I* had take when I was in their place, I was lucky enough to land a part-time job at the museum where I interned – the National Museum of Play at the Strong. I worked the front lines for two years as a gallery host, an admissions host, a birthday party coordinator, a youth group leader, and a once-a-week supervisor for our butterfly garden. During that time I had the amazing opportunity to assist the executive assistant to our president and CEO on several conferences, both local and international. These were the most amazing experiences I’d had thus far, but the luckiest part was that she was also a part-time doll curator, which means I made a LOT of friends on the collections team. And when a new position opened up, both she and another curator recommended me to the vice president…and I got the job.

My current title is Acquisitions Cataloger, which basically means that any time we purchase new artifacts or accept donations, I have the job of assigning them a unique number in our archives, and writing a basic description of the object for easy reference. I’ve cataloged everything from dolls to wind-up toys to yo-yos, though a very large chunk of my time has been spent on our recent video game collections, which are being used to open our brand new International Center for the History of Electronic Games. We currently have the largest video game collection in the country, over 20,000 objects, and it feels like every day we get something more! I honestly can’t imagine a more wonderful place to be, and every time I come to work I’m reminded of how supremely lucky I am.

I'm a small-town girl who hopes to always live close to home, and I'm also an only child. This makes me *extremely* close to my parents, and my mom and I sometimes think we have a bit of a psychic bond between us. I have a very large extended family – my mom was one of six children and my dad, though only one of two himself, has five or six uncles and aunts – but I’m honestly not very close to any of them. I was extremely close to my maternal grandmother, but she’s since passed away. All of these factors combined to make me very close to my friends, many of whom I simply consider my family. The same has always been true of my pets. When I was a year and a half old, my parents were given a border collie puppy who was even younger than I was, and he basically became my surrogate brother. We even learned how to share together!

I’ve only ever dated two men during my life. The first was when I was a sophomore in high school, and the second was two years later as a senior. We met in our physics class, which I hated, and began talking because he was reading The Wheel of Time book series, which I had read several years previously. We went to our senior prom together, continued dating through college despite being separated by two and a half hours, and kept going during my masters education. That man was Mike, and on the winter solstice of 2003, surrounded by Christmas lights at Niagara Falls, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. On June 11, 2006, I did.

We’ve since adopted our first child, a beautiful black cat named Artemis. She’s the textbook definition of a scaredy cat, but we love her dearly and I could never wish for a better kitty. We also bought our first house in April of 2009, which means I hope we’ll be adding to our family in the near future. I want a doggy next! (And yes, I do want actual children at some point soon!)

I’m optimistic, idealistic, empathetic, introverted, quiet, very agreeable and easy-going, extremely emotional, and (unfortunately) an attention whore. I consider myself a total perfectionist, but I can also procrastinate like nobody’s business. I tend to be messy and disorganized, though less so at work than at home. I’m an intensely loyal friend, and the easiest way to arouse my temper is to hurt someone I love. I have an extremely long fuse, but when I do get angry, I tend to explode, and I hold grudges for a looooong time. I also have an anxiety disorder which can lead to panic attacks. I don’t talk about that too terribly much here, but it’s so much a part of my life that I can’t help but mention it. Most of my triggers are health-related, and appear to stem from my intense fear of death. Someday I will get over this!

According to every personality test I’ve ever taken – serious or not – I’ve come out as an INFJ, which is apparently the rarest type of them all. Less than 1% of the population is classified as such, but it really does fit me perfectly. Our defining characteristic is our severe emotionalism – we take everything personally, feel very deeply, and we consistently lead with our hearts and intuition instead of our minds. We're also extremely creative, love helping others, and tend to be the "counselor" of the bunch. In Harry Potter terms, I’m classified as a Ravenpuff, but I know the Hufflepuff side tends to be stronger.

I have a lot of general interests that work themselves out into more specific representations, but the short version is as follows: Ancient history, mythology, fairytales, fables, religious history, time-travel, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and anything Japanese. In terms of hobbies, you can pretty much always find me reading. I’m never quite myself if I don’t have at least one book going. I’ve been a bibliophile for as long as I can remember, and I am so thankful to my parents for encouraging this hobby. Along with this probably comes my passion for history and research. Right now I'm devouring books on my favorite historical figure, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, and lamenting the fact that can't speak German. Other times you'll find me researching world religions, Tokugawa Japan, and Regency England. (I suppose this is where my Ravenclaw side comes out!)

Other hobbies include writing in my spare time, taking walks, and eating far too much Chinese food. Every year in the summer I attend the Sterling Renaissance Faire, and yes I do dress up. (I’ve spent more money on this costume than is probably considered healthy, but I don’t care!) Despite my love for this faire, my favorite season is winter, for which I am continuously teased by friends, family and co-workers. I begin to pine for snow starting in October, and everyone hushes me immediately. Part of this is simply because I prefer the cold to heat, but I know the biggest reason is because I love Christmas far more than words can express. I truly consider it the most magical time of the year, and I look forward to it constantly. I'm also a quote junkie, and you can see some of my all-time favorites at that post.

Though I list both the TV show and the movies just below, I would also like to take a moment to emphasize the most important fandom in my life - Star Trek. My husband actually once went so far as to say it's not even really a fandom for me; it's a way of life. Looking back, I can see how true that is. I am a very proud Trekkie, and I firmly believe that everything I need to know in life can be traced back to an episode of Star Trek. This show truly inspires me to be hopeful and optimistic about our future, and it's definitely shaped me into the person I am today.

In terms of more specifics, my Love List is as follows:

I'll read pretty much anything except horror, but my love lies with fairytales, romance, historical fiction, and fantasy.

Beauty, by Robin McKinley
Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll
Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell
The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle
The Golden Fleece: The Story of Franz Joseph and Elisabeth of Austria, by Berdita Harding
Q-Squared, by Peter David
Yesterday's Son and Time for Yesterday, by A.C. Crispin
The Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling
The Mists of Avalon series, by Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Highlander and Fever series, by Karen Marie Moning
The Skye O'Malley series, by Bertrice Small

I've been told that I have rather...odd tastes in movies. This is quite possibly true, though I think it's more that I tend to have OLD tastes.

Pride and Prejudice 1995
The Slipper and the Rose
Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn, The Search for Spock, The Voyage Home, The Final Frontier The Undiscovered Country, Nemesis
Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi
Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Alice in Wonderland 1999
The Sound of Music
Gone With the Wind
The Marvel Universe (esp. Iron Man)

Same as the movies...

Star Trek: TOS, TNG, DS9
Once Upon a Time
The West Wing
Legend of the Seeker
Babylon 5
Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Xena: Warrior Princess
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
The Tudors
Agents of SHIELD

I've found that my interest in newer anime has waned. This is possibly because I became a fan back when you couldn't go to your local book/music store and pick up a handy-dandy translated manga or DVD. Most of my collection consists of fan-subbed VHS shows and Japanese manga purchased either by friends visiting Japan or from Asian bookstores I was lucky enough to come across. I think I actually miss the difficulty involved! ^^;;

I'm always looking for new recommendations, however, and I still consider myself a true fan of the following:

Hikaru no Go
Fushigi Yuugi
Hana Yori Dango
Sailor Moon
Rurouni Kenshin
Marmalade Boy
Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Eroica Yori Ai wo Komete
Alice 19th

My favorite genres include Celtic, rock opera, symphonic metal, and anything from the 1980s. I'm also a huge fan of Christmas/holiday music, showtunes, J-pop, and anime soundtracks. And though I'm not as active in the community as I once was, I'm still a fan of the Japanese female theatre troupe Takarazuka.

Unfortunately, practically no one in real life has ever heard of these groups, and...well, let's just say I hardly ever listen to the radio anymore, and Padora has become my new best friend.

Loreena McKennitt
David Bowie
Blackmore's Night
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Empty Hats
Leaves' Eyes
Within Temptation
Sarah Brightman
Billy Joel
Bruce Springsteen
T.M. Revolution
Ayaumi Hamasaki
Ayaki Nao

Online Information
Finally, a list of where you can find me online other than my main journal. Please feel free to friend or follow me on any of these sites, if you wish!

skye_white: This is my public fanfiction journal. It was named for my very first original character, Skye White, who would probably meet every single Mary Sue litmus test available, but I still have fond memories of her story. The journal isn't updated very regularly, but you'll find mainly fics from the Harry Potter series, the anime Hikaru no Go, and the movie Labyrinth. I ship Hermione Granger/Severus Snape, Touya Akira/Shindou Hikaru, and Sarah/Jareth, respectively. I also have some plans to begin writing for Sailor Moon again, specifically focusing on Endymion/Serenity and the sensehi/generals during the Silver Millennium.

mousai_melete: This is my public graphics journal. It's named for the Greek Muse Melete, whose name means "Practice," which exactly what I need to do! My icons are rather rough at the moment, so I'm on the lookout for advice and helpful concrit.

ai_to_shi: This is my (most defunct) Takarazuka journal. It translates to "Love and Death" and was named for my favorite show, Elisabeth. (Yes, that's the same Empress Elisabeth I mentioned earlier, except her fictional counterpart has a love affair with Death!) While I don't currently update it, I keep it online because it was a huge part of my life for close to three years, and I poured a lot of time (and money!) into it. Plus, I have the strange feeling I may become involved in it again sometime, as my love for the both the show and the life of Elisabeth doesn't seem to be waning in the slightest.

hogwartsishome: A huge Harry Potter community where I'm sorted as a Ravenclaw. This community is extremely active and friendly, and I highly recommend it for those looking for an HP home. I currently run HiH's stamping community, which is a ton of fun!

onceuponaland: A lovely land community for my newest obsession, Once Upon a Time!I'm a member of Team Swan, though interested fans can also join Team Snow or Team Regina. Lots of really creative challenges in this comm, so I highly recommend it!

Goodreads Profile: I enjoy this site not only as a means of keeping up with what my friends are reading, but also as a way to organize my own growing library!

Twitter: One never knows what I'll write here, but it's a fun little site and I've become more addicted to it than I expected! XD

Tumblr: Mainly filled with images that either correspond to my fandoms, or just pictures I think are pretty!

Whew, I think that's long enough! For those of you still reading, you have my gratitude and my amazement. I looking forward to getting to know you all even better! :D
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