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Stamps / Sorts / Superlatives / Awards

Yes, that's a lot of S's (and a random A thrown in for good measure!) Ah well!

Anyway, this is just to keep all of my stamps/awards together, and I figured I'd leave it public because it does tell a bit about my personality.

From ouat_stamping:

Stamped - Belle

Matched - Archie Hopper

Mirror - Belle

Best Friend - Mary Margaret Blanchard

Season One Episode - Skin Deep

Inverse - Cora

Object - Henry's Book

Season 2 Character - Wendy Darling

From onceuponaland:

Stamped as Snow White

Top Points Earner

Full Participation

From hogwarts_elite:

Sorted Hufflepuff

Award for access to prophet_elite


From hogwartsishome / hh_stamping:

Sorted Ravenclaw

Club Leader

Norwegian Fjord Horse Animagus

Registered Healer

Ravenclaw Viking Week Banners

Ravenclaw Superlatives

HiH Superlatives

Character Stamp - Luna Lovegood

Matchmaker Theme - Neville Longbottom (BAMF!)

Hybrid House Theme - Ravenpuff

Patronus Stamp - Dog

Wizarding Career - Healer

Magical Creature - Unicorn

Quidditch - Kennilworthy Whisp, Author of Quidditch Through the Ages

Spell - Alohomora

Potion - Calming Draught

Second Patronus- Tundra Reindeer

Deathly Hallow - Resurrection Stone

Wand Wood and Core- Walnut and Unicorn Hair

Magical Object - Magic Quill

Location - Hogwarts

Book - Prisoner of Azkaban

From slugandjiggers:

Original Character - Luna Lovegood

Wizarding Family - The Lovegoods

Blood Status - Muggle Born

Matchmaker - Remus Lupin

House - Hufflepuff

From sailormoonland:



Stamps from smlstamping
Senshi - Sailor Mercury

Villain - Saphir

Matchmaker - Chiba Mamoru

Attack - Sabão Spray

Mirror - Meiou Setsunna

Civilian - Osaka Naru

Animal - Pagasus

From smrating:

Normal - Sailor Moon

Opposite Gender Theme - Human Artemis

From lotsfic_events

From lotseekerfic

From literaryheroine:

Normal - Marianne Dashwood

Fairytale Theme - Cinderella

Harry Potter Theme - Lily Evans-Potter

Jane Austen Theme - Jane Fairfax

Classic Villain Theme - Madame Defarge

Matchmaker Theme - Edmond Dantes

Children's Literature Theme - Meggie Folchart

From princesse_stamp:

Normal - Cleopatra

Fairytale Theme - Beauty and the Beast

Goddess of Mythology Theme - Aphrodite

Historical Movie Based Appearance Theme - Princess Sarah, A Kid in King Arthur's Court

From greekmyth_stamp:

Normal - Selene, Goddess of the Moon

Elements Theme - Khion (Snow)

Cloud Formations Theme - Cirrocumulus

Abstract Voice and Sound Theme: Gelus (Laughter)

Titles of Mythology Theme - Mousa (Lady of Song)

Realms of Mythology Theme - Pankhaia

From starfleet_stamp:

TOS Theme - Christine Chapel

From disney_heroes:

Normal - Belle

Inanimate Character Theme - Chip
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