Dark Star (sanalith) wrote,
Dark Star

Question for my Japanese-inclined friends

I'm trying to find information on お見合い (omiai) customs, specifically with how they relate to more modern Japan...well, around the 1960s or early 1970s to be precise. I'm particularly interested in how much freedom the couple generally has during the "getting to know you" process. I know that during the first meeting, both sets of parents are present, though the couple can spend some alone time. And after that, they're allowed to go on several dates. Does the couple always need to be supervised, either by the parents or the nakōdo, or can they actually be alone? And any idea on forms of address? Is it your general -san honorific, or does the woman need to be more formal? Finally, is the woman (or her side of the family) allowed to initiate the omiai and/or eventually refuse the marriage, or must everything come from the male side? I would assume it originally had to be the male, but in modern times, maybe the woman has more of an opinion? And would this change if the male side was slightly higher in social and economic standing?

I need to get a life, seriously XDDD

Thanks for any info! :DD
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