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Wishlist Prompt Post!

I had so much fun with this last year that I decided to try again!

I need you guys to give me fic prompts for wishlist_fic, which is a multi-fandom Christmas fanfiction fest. I need 12 prompts total, and I'll accept the first 12 I'm given. All I need from you are characters or a pairing, a fandom, and some sort of prompt. You can be as vague or specific as you like. Give me a scenario, a quote, a lyric, an image - whatever you like! To help you out, below the cut is a list of some of my fandoms with my character/pairing preferences.

- Once Upon a Time: Rumpelstiltskin|Gold, Belle|Lacey, Jefferson|Mad Hatter, Emma Swan, Red|Ruby, Henry Mills, Baelfire, Mulan, Aurora, Cora Mills, Rumpelstiltskin/Belle, Emma/Jefferson, Ruby/Archie, Aurora/Mulan, Emma/Neal

- Labyrinth: Basically anything goes here, though Jareth/Sarah is always preferred.

- Harry Potter: I'm best at Severus/Hermione, and anything that focuses on Luna or Minerva.

- Hikaru no Go: Akira, Hikaru, Sai, Akira/Hikaru

- Sailor Moon: Usagi|Sailor Moon, Inner Senshi, Usagi/Mamoru, Inner Senshi/Shitennou, Nephrite/Naru, anything set in the Silver Millennium. I can work in the manga, anime, or PGSM 'verses.

- Hana Yori Dango - I'm pretty much limited to Tsukushi/Tsukasa. I can work in the manga, anime or J-drama 'verses.

- Legend of the Seeker: Denna, Cara, Kahlan, Richard, Zedd, Richard/Kahlan, Richard/Denna-angst

- Kunze & Levay's Elisabeth: Death/Elisabeth, Luigi. Feel free to specify if you have a particular incarnation you like best. I'm familiar with the first five Takarazuka versions and the Vienna revival.

If you know for a fact I like another fandom, feel free to prompt me from there too! (The only exception is Star Trek. I won't write fic for that.) And don't feel completely restrained by the characters/pairings I listed here. They're what I'm best at, but depending on your request, I might be able to give it a shot.

Please note that the highest I can go in ratings is PG-13ish. I can't do violence or blood/gore, and (unfortunately) I have yet to master the art of smut. All fics will be at least 500 words.

If you comment anonymously, please leave some sort of name/title/designation/whatever so I can credit you!

Thanks so much! :D
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